Three Easy Garage Interior Design Ideas

The garage isn’t the first place most people think of when it comes to interior design. Yet, it is often the one space within the home that is most in need of some renovation. Garages tend to be uninteresting, cluttered spaces that could benefit from the addition of some character and warmth. Here are some garage interior design ideas to turn your garage into a space that you can be proud of.

Organize Your Garage

The garage is the space where you store everything that you can’t think of a better place for. It often becomes home for everything from automobile parts and fluids, to sporting equipment and the kid’s outdoor toys. There are so many storage options available for the modern garage, which in addition to de-cluttering your space, will add interest and style.

One very popular choice is to select cabinets with a diamond plate finish, but you don’t need to box yourself in by doing what everyone else does. Use your imagination and figure out what appeals most to you. For example, you could install solid oak storage cabinets in your garage to add more depth. Pull them together by replacing the existing walls with wooden paneling and a chandelier to create a space that is barely recognizable as a garage.

Be Creative With Your Floor

The garage floor in most homes tends to be concrete, which is actually not the best choice considering how often it gets exposed to hazardous chemicals and water spills. These spills discolor the concrete, turning a formerly clean floor into a patchwork of nasty stains. Because concrete is so porous, it makes it very difficult to clean drips from your automobile, or oil from a knocked over bottle, leaving your family exposed to potential harmful effects.

One great way to spruce up your garage is to add an epoxy floor covering, which bonds to your existing concrete floor and seals it. Epoxy floors make it easy to clean spills, and prevent staining. They can also be applied in a variety of designs and colors. Another option is to use interlocking tiles. You can even find them with your favorite sports team logo on them if you’re so inclined.

Replace Your Garage Lighting

Most garages have inadequate lighting, most often supplied by florescent lights. This type of lighting fixture fails to properly illuminate your entire garage, leaving shadows in the corners of the space. You can make your garage more inviting by retrofitting your existing garage lighting with LED lights. These lights reduce the amount of eye strain and stress, which is important if you are one that likes to tinker on your car for hours at a time over the weekend. For additional appeal, look for aesthetically attractive light fixtures that you might not usually think of for garage lighting, such as chandeliers.

Use these three garage interior design tips to jump start your garage renovation. Updating your garage not only adds character and depth to your home, it also adds additional curb appeal and value. Renovating this often neglected space can even give you the edge in a competitive real estate market, should you decide to sell.

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