Renovate Your Room With Custom Draperies

One of the easiest, and also inexpensive, ways to update the appeal of your room is to make your own custom draperies. While this may sound intimidating for most to do, especially if you aren’t a particularly skilled seamstress, it is actually so easy to do that you’ll wonder why you’ve spent so much money in the past to buy drapes. Follow these simple steps to make drapes that reflect your own style and personality.

Measure Your Drapes

One of the easiest ways to determine what size to make your drapes is to remove your old drapes and measure them. This is a good method if you are otherwise satisfied with how your drapes hang, but desire to update the color and design to better suit your tastes. 

If you want to create additional bunching, measure from your curtain rod to the floor, and add an additional inch to your length for the seam. Add several inches to the width for the side hems, and to provide additional material that will allow you to produce more character when the curtain is drawn back. Cut your curtain material and your lining to this measurement.

Sew Your Bottom Hem of Your Curtain Fabric And Lining

Begin by placing the pattern-side of your curtain face down, and fold the edges to your desired hem width. Iron it. It may be necessary to pin the seam prior to sewing the hem, depending upon the material that you’ve chosen to use. Run a quick stitch ¼ inch in along the top edge of your fold, all the way across the bottom hem. Next do the same thing with your lining.

Attach Your Curtain Fabric To Your Lining

Lay your curtain fabric down, right-side facing up. Next, lay your lining on top, right side down. Bring the lining bottom up about 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of your curtain fabric. Don’t worry if the edges don’t line up perfectly, that is actually what you want to happen. Pin the fabrics together, then run a stitch to form a ¼ inch seam. Do the same on the other side, being careful to match it up as closely as possible while bunching the curtain fabric to line the two up down the edge. Pin and sew. 

Flip it right-side out, and you’re almost done. Lay your curtain out with the lining on top, and tug at the sides until the fabric is equally spread on both sides. Once you’re satisfied, iron it to create a crisp, uniform edge. Next miter the bottom corners by tucking the corner of the curtain fabric under and stitching it in place.

Final Step: Sew The Top Edge and Hang

Fold the extra fabric on top about an inch, iron it and then follow with another one inch fold. Iron again and pin it in place, then run a stitch about ¼ inch from the edge all the way along the top. You’re all done!

These easy steps are all there is to sewing your own custom draperies. Add some grommets, or simply clip on some rings to hang your new curtain, and you’ll be well on your way to renovating your room!

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