Office Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Your office is your home away from home. The fact is that many people spend more time in their office than they do in their own homes, so it only makes sense that you’d want to make your office both functional and comfortable. Your office space should inspire you to greater productivity, and should be a welcoming place for clients to meet with you. Here are 3 office interior design ideas that are sure to achieve all of these goals.

Update Your Lighting

Most offices have boring recessed lights already installed, but these do little beyond illuminated your space. In some cases, they even do a poor job at that. You can easily and inexpensively upgrade the lighting in your office to create an entirely new ambiance, while also providing improved illumination that will help ward off fatigue.

If your ceilings are tall enough, consider hanging a chandelier. Chandeliers come in a variety of design styles, so you can get creative and choose one that best reflects your own personality and characteristics. Consider installing LED lights. In most cases standard florescent lighting can be easily retrofitted with LED light assemblies, which will reduce the amount of eye strain and work-related stress, and will help you to be more productive too.

Add A Splash Of Color

Color can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your mood and attitude. Gone are the days when the only office furniture available were black, gray, or brown. Today you can choose from a wide variety of colors for everything from your office chairs to the color of your desk. You’d be surprised at how much warmer and more inviting your office will feel simply by replacing your existing chairs with lavender colored ones, for example.

Another great way to add color is with paintings. Empty walls are boring, so fill in that space with some colorful paintings that elevate your thoughts to happy memories, or possibly some future vacation plans. Paintings such as these will help you to remain grounded throughout the day.

Install An Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are another great way to add ambiance and character to your office space. Another benefit of them is that they provide additional heating during the winter time, which is particularly beneficial to offices that are more susceptible to cool drafts as people come and go. 

In most cases a wall mounted fireplace is the best choice because it won’t require any extensive renovations to install it. Most are capable of providing supplemental heating for up to 400 square feet, which makes them ideal for small offices, and they are thermostatically controlled. Some even offer the convenience of a remote control.

The only real limitation to what you can do with your office is your own imagination. If you do find yourself stumped for office interior design ideas, pay attention to the offices of your peers, and borrow some ideas from them. Many times, one idea will lead to another, and you’ll find yourself having to pick and choose from among the best of them.

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