How To Make Industrial Interior Design Work In Your Space

It takes a lot of courage to bare it all, and that is what industrial interior design is all about. Most often used in loft-style apartments and commercial spaces, it has even grown in popularity for use in many modern homes. This style of interior design seeks to turn the structural elements of your living space into showpieces. It takes a little ingenuity to get it right, but when it is done right, the finished product is a chic, modern take on urban living. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Think Simplistic

Although this is a very minimalist approach to interior design, it is also one that leaves a lot of room for creativity and style. Your approach should be one that focuses on form and function, and one that takes advantage of any contrasting structural finishes and interior furnishings. For example, one very common approach is to contrast the high-gloss finishes on exposed beams and pipes with rustic cabinets to create additional visual dimension and interest in your space.

Think Color

One of the most common traits to emerge from industrially designed spaces is the use of warm, neutral colors. As the spaces themselves have a tendency to be large and open, such color choices tend to add the warmth that the spaces would otherwise lack due to the exposure of its structural elements. These colors create a perfect balance with the coolness of exposed ductwork and pipes, for example. Select neutral colors for your furniture, bedding, and artwork, to easily achieve this effect.

Think Brick

Part of the reason that this approach has emerged and become so popular, is because many people converting old factories, and other industrial spaces, recognized that it created a unique interior flavor that is unmatched by any other design style. Often, these spaces had existing distressed brick or concrete walls and support columns that actually added eye catching texture and drama to the space. If you’re not fortunate enough to have walls that were built that way, you can purchase peel and stick faux brick wall panels to use in your living space.

Think Metal

You really can’t include enough metal in your interior design. Beyond simply exposing the structural elements in your space, there are many more ways to create a more industrial feel to your space. The kitchen is one of the easiest spaces to utilize this approach with. Pull together your custom stainless cabinets, high-gloss machined hood, and exposed ducts with a stainless steel table, to create a functional, yet particularly stylish kitchen space.

Industrial interior design takes many forms, from exposed pipes on the ceiling to metal and wooden accents and furnishings. You have so many techniques available to you to create the functional, industrial look in your home too. Use these tips to get yourself started, then turn your imagination loose. You’ll be amazed by how easily you can change the entire atmosphere of your home.

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