Five Popular Interior Design Styles

With endless interior design styles to choose from (really is endless), how can you narrow down your search for the perfect design for your home? Get started by learning a little more about five of the more popular designs, so you can see if one of them suits you.


If you enjoy clean lines and natural shapes with a modern and minimalist look, Scandinavian style would be a fantastic choice. You may be familiar with this look if you’ve ever shopped at IKEA or Scandinavian Designs, but those are only two subsets of Scandinavian style.

With gentle curves and a simple contemporary feel, Scandinavian furnishings are often made of both organic and engineered materials, and are highly functional. Much of Scandinavian interior design focuses on white with gray as the background colors, allowing for bright pops of color such as lemon yellow and bright orange, if desired.

Mid-Century Modern

If you remember the 1950s fondly, you might be a fan of that period’s iconic furnishings featuring minimalist style, natural shapes, and streamlined silhouettes. For the first time, unique materials of that decade were widely used in home furnishings, such as plywood, molded plastic, and aluminum.

Because mid-century modern pieces are so versatile, they can be incorporated into a variety of other design styles, such as Scandinavian. If you don’t want your home to look too retro, be sure to use pieces from other complementary design styles, so your interior will look fresh and contemporary.


If you have a wild, natural flair, then the carefree spirit of Bohemian style could be right up your alley. With detailed patterns rich colors like red and purple, a Bohemian feel is created by applying layers of textiles like rugs, tapestries, pillows, and throws to create a strategically messy look.

This eclectic design aims for a cozy, welcoming ambiance that speaks of an adventurous personality, with a hint of natural style. Any pieces that can add a sense of the nomadic or ethnic can be blended together for a truly unique and approachable style. Examples of options for a Bohemian flair are Southwestern textiles, rustic wood pieces, Moroccan-inspired pieces, or tribal accents.


The Farmhouse style is a modernized version of country cottage or cabin style design. With a new elegance, today’s Farmhouse style features a lot of rustic sophistication that should inspire thoughts of an old country home in French Provence.

Using aged and distressed wood pieces, upholstered linens in white or beige colors, and bunches of dried lavender tied into a bouquet with ribbon, this style is often enhanced with bright pops of light yellow or turquoise, for a modern take on the French Provincial look.


This style isn’t as modern as its name might suggest. The Industrial style brings to mind the distressed wood and exposed steel elements of the early 1900s – the country’s industrial era. Modernized with copper-colored accents and walls of exposed brick, this style would perfectly complement a renovated loft in a rehabbed downtown district. Industrial decor may have a variety of subsets, with one style leaning toward cleaner lines and metal elements, while another steers more toward a rustic vintage look with ornate elements.

These current design trends should offer a glimpse into some of the most popular interior design styles of today, and give you a sense of which direction your tastes may lie.

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